Gordon Casner, Sr. was born on April 5, 1932, in Englewood, NJ. He moved to Cuba with his father in 1934, and it was there in Cuba when Gordon began his life-long journey of beekeeping with his father at 7 years old. He lived in Cuba for 19 years until moving back to New Jersey in 1953. Soon after moving back to the United States, Gordon met his wife Lucila Terront in New York at school where they were learning English and moved to North Bergen.

Gordon started harvesting honey in his backyard in North Bergen, NJ in 1960. As a frontiersperson in the raw honey movement, Gordon was committed to furnishing honey to patrons as nature intended - raw, unprocessed, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. Uncle Gordon’s Honey is 100 percent natural and has been farmed on location by Gordon and now his daughter Elizabeth and his grandson Christopher, for over 50 years.